• 3. April 2016

Falling in love with Sri Lanka

Travelling is falling in love with places and people.

Yes, it can truly be said – this is my story.
I have always been a traveller and I enjoy nothing more than exploring new countries, cultures and meeting people. My passion lead me to many places in the world and provided me with many beautiful multinational friendships. It would be impossible for me to say which is my favorite place in the world, of what I have seen.

Well… it was.
On my first trip to Sri Lanka I knew – this place is special to me!
I was fascinated – the place is so green. And lush. And colourful. The diversity of nature and the beauty of the wildlife is impressing – and by then I had only seen a very small part of the island.

And the food… So fresh and tasty from homemade spicy curries, amazing local specialities like hoppers and coconut rotis, juicy sweet fruits in all kind of varieties and of course the great orange King Coconut.

Image of Threewheeler driving through Mirissa Village Sri Lanka

Image of a girl walking on Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka

But what touched me most where the Sri Lankan people. The locals, who made me feel like home instantly, being so friendly and polite, interested and helping. No matter what is happening, you will always receive one of theses warm smiles, that embrace you.

I knew, I had to share my experiences and passion with other travellers around the world. I think at least once in a lifetime everyone should go and visit this heart-warming place.
By now, many times I have been travelling to Sri Lanka, developing the idea of Nandaja and continuing exploring the country.
Image of Miriam and her husband Gowrinath

Sri Lanka is not just a destination for me anymore, it also became my home.
It is even the place, where I fell in love with my husband and got married at one of those beautiful east cost beaches.

And by spreading my enthusiasm, I also met my partner Franziska.
She shares my passion for this amazing island and the idea of sustainable travelling, a perfect match!

Image of Nandaja assets with coffee mug and business cards


Picture of Franziska and Miriam from Nandaja Travel

We are the Nandaja girls and we hope to inspire you travelling Sri Lanka and experience an unforgettable time. It happend to us!


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  1. Doria

    Great site! I love Sri Lanka too and hope to meet you in person later this year.

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